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A few years ago, Havard wanted to leave this life. Instead, he began to write. Now he shares his first album consisting of songs from his own life.
He hopes the songs can give something to others who struggle...

HAVARD (Håvard Mathiesen - born 1964)


HAVARD was born in Kristiansand/Norway where he spent most of his troubled childhood and youth

As a young adult he spent some time at sea. Later, he made a living as freelance musician.  He got married, had children and tried to live a ”normal” family life. The past, however,  obtained him and drove him into heavy depressions. It ended with a divorce, self-medication and short and long periods in psychiatric ward. Today, HAVARD is still in therapy.



HAVARD took up music after a close friend encouraged him to do so after his familie broke down. 

Writing and making music became the rescue. Nothing is held back. The songs are about abuse, not wanting to live, self-medication, loneliness and the pain of not belonging to anyone, anything.

For many people, the voice of HAVARD strongly reminds them of Leonard Cohen’s. Others draw  parallels to Tom Waits and yes - even Johnny Cash. But most of all, HAVARD’s voice is his own and he sings his honest, tender and yet powerful songs straight from the heart.


HAVARD writes and sings in English, mostly because he needs a certain distance to the lyrics. The native language feels too close and hurts too much.


HAVARD lives at Bekkelaget close to Oslo. He has hope that life eventually can become something else and that there might be some years of good moments and happy experiences in the future.


Today HAVARD comes through as a determinded person.

He has ideas for new music and a strong will to share his stories - hoping that they will help and give strength to others who struggle.


For the first time in his life, he is curious about his own future...

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